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Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio is the audio creation platform for businesses. With Rumble, anyone can record and publish audio as quickly as a blog post.

Podcasts, voice assistants and voice search are now mainstream, and we are rapidly entering a voice-first world. As attention moves from the eyes to the ears, marketing budgets are shifting too.

However, many companies complain that the tools to create audio are slow and costly to use. Small to medium-sized companies simply don’t have time or the money to produce audio content, and so they miss out on sales.

Rumble Studio is the first-ever product to record guest interviews using conversational A.I. Just choose some questions, invite your guests, and let Rumble conduct the interview for you. Our system listens to the guest answers, the dynamically generates follow-up questions in real-time.

Now, companies of all sizes can publish audio quickly and affordably, acquire more leads, and close more deals.

Rumble Studio, the audio creation platform for audio. Let’s have a conversation!